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About us

An Assessment Center is an excellent tool for identifying leadership potential, executive development or succession planning.

Formal assessment processes are widely used to audit leadership talent. Accurate measurement of strengths and development needs yields a better return from leadership training budgets.

Burn: 7 Leadership Myths in AshesBurn! 7 Leadership Myths in Ashes

All employees are better engaged when they discover how to show leadership NOW, without having to wait to be promoted to a ''team leader'' role.''This marvellously thought provoking and challenging book turned my ideas about leadership on their head, giving the conventional wisdom a good kicking. Its crisp, punchy and engaging style left me unable to put it down. Wonderful!'' Keith Harcus, Head of Performance & Innovation, South Tyneside Council

This page groups a selection of key articles into the following themes:

The SRG Engaging Manager Survey provides feedback on how well managers engage people reporting to them. Team members rate how much they agree with descriptions of engaging behaviours plus how important such behaviours are for creating a feeling of engagement.

No one would argue that leadership development should focus on real development needs for the best payback. But what's the best way of identifying those needs?

Mitch McCrimmonSelf Renewal Group

Based near Toronto, Canada, the Self Renewal Group was founded by Mitch McCrimmon, Ph.D. in late 1994, initially in the UK. Experienced associate consultants are used on larger projects.

The name of the firm stems from 2 ideas: that all organizations have 2 tasks (1) to execute today's business and (2) to create the future or renew themselves. The second theme is individual development or self renewal.

Sample list of client organizations where we have designed full assessment center programs or exercises for specific assessment or development purposes, in reverse chronological order:

A leadership capability assessment can markedly increase your chances of hiring or promoting executives who will be successful and a good fit for the role.

There are 3 levels of such assessments that offer increasing depths of insight.

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"Terrific article!!! It raised my awareness about things we normally don't consider regarding leadership."The Ideal Leader

The Self Renewal Group has extensive experience in doing assessments for executive selection, development and succession planning.